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This handy variety pack includes two essentials for a bulletproof patch collection: MIGHTY PATCH ™ Original and MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+.

Pimples? There is help!

Made from medical-grade hydrocolloid, MIGHTY PATCH ™ Original is the #1 US best-selling acne patch*. The pimple patch absorbs gunk in 6-8 hours so you can wake up to clearer looking skin in the AM.

MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ is our THINNEST-EVER patch and blends into skin so its barely noticeable.

*Based on unit sales, Circana total US Multi-Outlet, latest 52 weeks ending 07/30/23

Suitable for sensitive skin

Absorbs gunk

Protects from picking

What is MIGHTY PATCH ™ Duo?

It's an essential variety pack for on the spot emergencies. Featuring six MIGHTY PATCH ™ Original and six MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ patches, this handy combo is ideal for calming angry pimples day and night.

Use MIGHTY PATCH ™ Original while you sleep and MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ during the day.


How does MIGHTY PATCH ™ Duo work?

Both MIGHTY PATCH ™ Original and MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ absorb gunk and extract impurities while helping to prevent touching, picking and popping. They support healing via medical-grade hydrocolloid gel, helping to clear up that stubborn pimple, fast.

MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ is our THINNEST EVER patch and blends into skin so it's barely noticeable. Plus, it can be used underneath make-up for a flawless look.


Where can MIGHTY PATCH ™ Duo mini patches be used?

MIGHTY PATCH ™ Duo mini patches are ideal for your face due to their 12mm size. That's small! They can be applied to all skin types and on any pimple that's come to a head. They're also comfortable to use and a handy on-the-go solution.


What do our customers say?

We've received stacks of 5-star reviews here at Hero Cosmetics. So, why not see what our customers think of MIGHTY PATCH ™ Original and MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+?

What do MIGHTY PATCH ™ Duo patches contain?

MIGHTY PATCH ™ Original and MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ contain the key ingredient, hydrocolloid. It's a medical-grade gel that gently absorbs and traps gunk, helping to reduce the appearance of angry-looking pimples. Hero Cosmetics MIGHTY PATCH ™ Duo pimple patches are UV sterilized, allergy tested, fragrance free and made with no animal-derived ingredients.

Use MIGHTY PATCH ™ Duo patches in three simple stepse

1. Prep the pimple: Cleanse and dry the area.

2. Patch the Pimple. Leave on for 6-8 hours. Remember, you can even add MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ underneath make-up.

3. Watch it work. Peel off when the patch turns white.

Each MIGHTY PATCH ™ Duo box contains: • 6 x Original (12mm) • 6 x Invisible+ (12mm)

Works in 6-8 hours

Just stick one of the MIGHTY PATCH ™ Duo patches on your pimple and chill (or sleep). Peel it off when the patch turns white (6-8 hours later) and discover clearer skin.

Protects from Picking & Popping

MIGHTY PATCH ™ Duo pimple patches absorb gunk, extract impurities and help protect your skin from picking and popping.


Dermatologically Tested  

Made from medical grade hydrocolloid, a fluid absorbing gel, Hero Cosmetics MIGHTY PATCH Duo™ patches are gentle, suitable for sensitive skin and dermatologically tested. They help promote healing and provide a simple way to calm that annoying pimple!