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Woken up to a juicy pimple? YIKES! Don't let it slow you down. Tackle it with MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+. Made from medical-grade hydrocolloid, Invisible+ absorbs pimple gunk during the day and helps protect from picking, popping and touching. Our thinnest ever invisible MIGHTY PATCH ™ blends into your skin and is so comfortable to wear, you’ll forget it’s even there!

Suitable for sensitive skin

Absorbs gunk

Protects from picking

About MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+

Hero MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ is a clear pimple patch that covers annoying spots while removing the temptation to touch, pick or pop. It's comfortable and blends perfectly into all types of skin so you can forget about that pesky pimple for up to eight hours.

Why use Invisible+ MIGHTY PATCH ™?

Because MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ is made from medical-grade hydrocolloid. This allows the clear pimple patch to absorb nasty gunk and helps prevent picking, popping and touching during the day. It's long-lasting and will stay on your skin for 6-8 hours.

The patch works on all skin types, extracting impurities that can lead to increased redness. In fact, in our consumer testing results, 98% agreed the patch protects skin from picking and popping. See all our customer reviews and discover the benefits of MIGHTY PATCH ™.


What's the key ingredient in Invisible+ MIGHTY PATCH ™?

Hydrocolloid – a fluid absorbing gel – is the main ingredient in Hero MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+. This medical-grade gel helps to absorb gunk and impurities, trapping them under the patch to prevent them from spreading to other parts of your face.

How to use Invisible+ MIGHTY PATCHES ™

Hero Cosmetics MIGHTY PATCH ™ Original patches are easy to use and are suitable for all skin types:

1. Prep your skin

Cleanse and dry the pimple area to prevent dirt from getting trapped underneath the patch

2. Patch the pimple

Add a thin MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ onto the area. The patch can even be used underneath make-up. Leave it on for 6-8 hours.

3. Watch it work

Peel off the patch when it turns white.

What's in the MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ box?

MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ boxes are available with either 24 or 39 patches in 12mm and 10mm sizes for convenience.

Lasts 6-8 hours

Just stick the patch on your pimple and get on with your day. Peel it off 6-8 hours later when the patch turns white and, voila, the pimple looks less red and angry.

Protects from Picking & Popping

In addition to effortlessly absorbing gunk, MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible+ protects your skin and prevents you from picking and popping. It acts as a barrier AND helps support a healing environment. WOW! Isn’t that impressive?

Dermatologically Tested  

Made from medical-grade hydrocolloid, Invisible+ MIGHTY PATCHES are gentle, even on sensitive skin. What’s more, they're dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

Blends into skin 

Don’t let a pimple get in the way of a great day! MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible + is our THINNEST-EVER patch. It goes undercover, blending into your skin, and absorbs gunk so pimples look better in just 6-8 hours.

Patches can even be applied before make-up (seriously, is there anything these patches can’t do?).

Get in touch with the Hero Cosmetics team

Our FAQ page has answers to common MIGHTY PATCH ™ Invisible + questions. But if you need more information about our clear pimple patches, get in touch with our friendly team for no fuss, no pus advice.