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Sometimes an ordinary pimple patch just won’t cut it. MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface is the jumbo-sized hydrocolloid patch that covers XL-sized breakout areas and shrinks pimples within 6-8 hours. Out, damn spot has never been easier!

Ideal for body breakouts, these 20mm spot plasters are built to cover blemishes on your back, neck, chest, cheek, chin or bum, with 10x more coverage than MIGHTY PATCH ™ Original. But they also work in 6-8 hours.

Suitable for sensitive skin

Absorbs gunk

Covers XL size breakout areas

What is MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface?

Hero Cosmetics MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface is a nighttime acne patch, ideal for covering larger body blemishes on the back, neck, chest, cheek, chin or bum.


How does MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface work?

The jumbo-sized hydrocolloid patch measures 20mm and can be placed over any XL-sized pimple, providing 10x more coverage than MIGHTY PATCH™ Original.

Made from medical-grade hydrocolloid gel, MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface absorbs pimple gunk and impurities during the day or night, over 6-8 hours. It works on all skin types and helps prevent picking, popping and touching.


Who can use Hero cosmetics MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface?

Anyone who has a large pimple that has come to a head. It's safe to use on all skin types, even sensitive skin. Check our selection of 5-star reviews and see what our customers think of MIGHTY PATCH ™.


What's the key ingredient in the MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface?

Hydrocolloid is a medical-grade gel that gently absorbs impurities from offending pimples. MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface contains hydrocolloid as the main ingredient to provide optimum results on all XL blemishes.

How to use MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface

Easy to use and suitable for different areas of the body that require a larger patch, MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface gets to work in three simple steps:

1. Prep your skin:Cleanse the area and dry thoroughly before using the patch.

2. Patch the pimple:Cover the pimple with the MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface and leave for between 6-8 hours. If you need extra coverage, just add two patches side by side

3. Wait for it to work: The patch will turn white when it's absorbed all the impurities from the pimple. Peel it off and see the results.

What's in the box?

Hero Cosmetics MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface features 10 x 20mm patches, ideal for various areas of the body.

Covers XL breakout areas

Hero Cosmetics MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface 20mm spot plasters are built to cover blemishes wherever you find them, including on your back, neck, chest, cheek, chin or bum. They have 10x more coverage than MIGHTY PATCH ™ Original. Need even more coverage? Use more than one at a time, side by side.

Protects from Picking & Popping

As well as effortlessly absorbing pus and impurities, MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface helps protect your skin from the natural temptation to pick or pop. Plus, it acts as a barrier to dirt. The hydrocolloid gel also helps support a healing environment to clear the blemish fast.

Dermatologically Tested  

MIGHTY PATCH ™ Surface patches are gentle and dermatologically tested to ensure they're suitable even for sensitive skin.

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